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Custom Bottle Caps

Available Custom Options

We have a wide variety of caps, colors and designs for your custom crown. Whether you'd like to try one of our pre-made designs or send in one of your own, Crafty Caps is devoted to making your cap just the way you'd like it. The first step in creating your cap is to choose a type of cap.
*Please Note: For custom designs over 5 different images at a time, there will be a labor charge of $10.00 added to your order. (Charge is waived if order is for 50 or more of each design.)*

Types of Crowns

There are two types of caps - conventional caps and oxygen absorbing caps. The oxy-caps have an oxygen absorbing material that is activated when the cap gets wet. This helps to absorb any remaining oxygen left at the top of the bottle preserving the beer a little longer (in theory). Conventional caps are the standard. *Note: Oxy-caps come in GOLD only.

Cap Colors

We offer all standard colored bottle caps for your designs. Color options can be seen below. In our shop, we offer custom colored caps, however, these are NOT for brewing. Any color that has "NFB" (Not For Brewing) marked behind it in the shop, can not be used to crimp, flatten or cap onto bottles. All standard colors can be designed and used for brewing. (Please view our sterilizing page if you sterilize your caps)
Colored Bottle Caps

Standard Colors

Dark Blue
Light Blue
Dark Green
AND NOW we offer PINK for brewing!


Whether you have a full design, a color scheme or only the start of your idea, we can help. Send us your thoughts on what you'd like your cap to look like. Within 48 hours, we'll email back several sample images, ready for your feedback. Don't hesitate to tell us exactly how you feel, this is YOUR cap and we'll work until it's perfect. For some simple ideas on how to choose colors or come up with ideas, feel free to check out our Design Suggestions.


For craft purposes, we offer the removal of the rubber seal on the inside of the crown. As well as: drilled holes, magnets and other cap options available in our shop!

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